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Striker Knuckles, Large, Gold

New ergonomic design.  Large heavy duty knuckles, fits large hands.  We specialize in brass knuckles.  The real deal.  These are not fake or second-rate.  And big enough to fit even a burly man's hands.  Small enough to fit in your pocket, strong enough to crush your opponent.  Great for self defense.

You know what these are, and you know what they're for, but for legal purposes, we have to tell you these are for entertainment purposes only, and that they make great belt buckles or paper weights.  Just make sure to never leave home without your belt buckle!  Hey, the responsibility is on you.  If you order them, we'll ship them, we don't care where you live.  You are obligated to read and agree to our Disclaimer.

Striker Knuckles, Large, Gold

Model #PT-H03G-L
Retail Price: $25.25
Sale Price: $10.30
You Save $14.95 (60% OFF)

Get one for each hand!
Striker Knuckles, Large, Gold - PAIR

Model #PT-
Retail Price: $50.50
Sale Price: $20.60
You Save $29.90 (59% OFF)




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