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Made in the USA!

Blowguns are Not Toys!  They can cause injury if not used maturely with precaution.

Welcome to the worlds most finest blow guns!  Made in the USA, utilizing the most finest components available including T6061 aircraft grade aluminum and precision mold injected plastic components, our commitment to quality, value and customer satisfaction insures that these products are second to none, we back this product with a life time warranty against defective parts and craftsmanship.

Our dedication to excellence in providing the finest sporting and recreational blowguns anywhere has made this product the premier brand in the world.  With our vast line of components and varied dart projectiles including 40 caliber paintballs, anyone can custom fit their blow gun to their maximum potential easily and inexpensively.  Make sure to check out our many upgrades and accessories.

See Blow Gun Directions at the bottom of page.

Each Blowgun comes with 12 target darts, two custom quivers, one foam contoured grip, one safety mouthpiece and a muzzle guard.  For more ammo or components, please look on the accessories page.

To order a blow gun, you must first identify the size you like, then identify the color.  There are 7 sizes to choose from, each with their price listed below.

There are 4 colors to choose from: black, red, blue, and purple.  See the color examples in the picture above.

All our Blowguns are 40 caliber.

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Special Limited Time Sale!

18" Black Blowgun - $12 Sale!

24" Black Blowgun - $13 Sale!

30" Black Blowgun - $14 Sale!

36" Black Blowgun - $15 Sale!

48" Black Blowgun - $18 Sale!

54" Black Blowgun - $20 Sale!

18" Red Blowgun - $12 Sale!

24" Red Blowgun - $13 Sale!

30" Red Blowgun - $14 Sale!

36" Red Blowgun - $15 Sale!

18" Purple Blowgun - $12 Sale!

24" Purple Blowgun - $13 Sale!

30" Purple Blowgun - $14 Sale!

36" Purple Blowgun - $15 Sale!


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Blow gun Directions: Slide the sharpened dart wire into the hole of the cone for the target darts.  Place the darts in the appropriate quiver.  To shoot a dart, place the dart into mouthpiece, gently pressing until dart has cleared the one way safety valve ring.  Hold your blow gun at a level height.  Never aiming at a person, bring mouthpiece up to the mouth with muzzle end pointed at a safe direction.  Using muzzle guard tip as sight, sight in your target and blow through mouthpiece with a forceful and concentrated burst of pressure.  With practice you can control the velocity and distance easily and accurately.

Always place the darts in the respective quiver as loose or neglected darts can cause serious injury and should be always handled and stored in a safe and responsible manner.

Enjoy your blow gun indoors or outdoors.



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